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The Assistant Mechanic reports to the Chief Mechanic.


Main Functions:

  1. Promoting safety awareness and safe work practice among all the personnel on board.

  2. Assisting the Chief Mechanic and carrying out repairs and maintenance to drilling equipment and associated equipment.


    Safety Responsibilities:

  1. Leading safety by example for all employees to follow.

  2. Actively participate in company and operator safety programs and initiatives.

  3. Ensure compliance with the Permit to Work system.

  4. Conduct pre-tour and pre-job safety meetings in compliance with the company requirements (which includes use of the 4-Point check / Energy Wheel and JSA tools), ensuring that crews have participated fully in discussions, have determined the safest method to complete the task and have a full understanding of the work to be performed (especially their individual role).  

  5. Member of the Maintenance Team for all emergencies, as described in the Contingency and Emergency Manual.

  6. Report all hazards and positively intervene in all observed unsafe acts.

  7. Participate in emergency drills, including post-drill debriefs.

  8. Attend General Safety Meetings.

  9. Carry out all work activities within the guidelines of Company or Operator Policies or Procedures.

  10. Ensuring he is familiar with any delegated responsibilities as detailed in the Operators Emergency Response Plan. 


    General Responsibilities and Main Tasks:

    Includes, but is not limited to and not in order of priority:

  1. Instructing and supervising other members of maintenance crews.

  2. Assisting the Chief Mechanic in the execution of the Planned Maintenance System relating to drilling equipment and associated equipment; recording all maintenance performed on the TAG system.

  3. Immediately rectifying or reporting to the Chief Mechanic any defects or discrepancies in drilling equipment or associated equipment.

  4. Carrying out daily checks of drilling equipment.

    f)  Checking the engine room and Motorman's log.

  1. Ensuring that good housekeeping practices are adhered to in all machinery rooms and workshops under his charge.

  2. Overseeing the care and maintenance of tools by other maintenance crew.

  3. Attending safety meetings when requested and safeguarding the welfare of himself and fellow crew members.

  4. Providing On-the-Job training and assistance to other members of maintenance crew.

  5. Compiling concise hand-over notes for his relief at crew change.

  6. Participating in all drills and duties as determined by posted Station Bill.


                This job description may be changed.




  • Mechanical Trade certificate

Varco TDS course