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JOB TITLE:                Senior Mechanic


REPORTING TO:     Mechanical Supervisor / OIM-DSL


LOCATION:           Offshore




Responsible for operating, maintaining and repairing mechanical equipment and systems, organizing and supervising the mechanical personnel onboard and assist the Mechanical Supervisor with his/her daily duties where applicable.




Responsible for/ensure:

·         Compliance with the Seadrill Code of Conduct.

·         Compliance with applicable internal and external governing requirements.

·         That any operations do not exceed the limitations of the unit or its equipment.

·         Daily detailed planning is conducted for all upcoming operations.

·         Good and clear communications with all involved parties

·         That technical related certification at all times is valid and available onboard

·         Compliance with Seadrill training, certification and competence requirements.

·         That all relevant personnel are adequately trained in handling emergencies.

·         That all emergency equipment is in good condition and configured as required.

·         Non-compliances are promptly acted on and reported to the direct supervisor.

·         Training and competence assessments as assigned and/or required are performed.

·         Compliance with the standard for tidiness and cleanness.

·         Assume the safety role as per station bill and emergency preparedness plan.


Participate in:

·         Meeting activities in a proactive and constructive manner.

·         Training and competence assessments as assigned and/or required.




Responsible for/ensure:

·         All relevant governing documents are adhered to by direct reports.

·         All relevant governing documents are revised as and when required.

·         That clear daily guidelines are provided to all direct reports.

·         Visible leadership by spending time in the field and monitoring daily operations.

·         Required logbooks are maintained and updated as per requirements.

·         Thorough handovers are provided at each daily change of shift.

·         Subordinates are trained to fill higher positions.

·         Other duties are performed as required and/or directed by his/her direct supervisor.




Responsible for/ensure:

·         Operational preparedness of all safety and emergency equipment.

·         That all relevant equipment is maintained and maintenance is recorded.

·         Sufficient stock of spare parts and materials required is maintained.




·         Ensure that the permit to work and isolation systems are strictly adhered to by the maintenance department

·         Oversee daily inspection and maintenance on mechanical equipment

·         Monitor and evaluate equipment performance to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability

·         Read and interpret prints, schematics, diagrams and technical manuals

·         Assist in ensuring that all Third Party equipment is fit for purpose, certified, correctly installed and maintained while on the rig.

·         Inspect, troubleshoot and repair faulty mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic equipment and tools

·         Conduct performance appraisals for subordinates. Recommend promotion, development or disciplinary action

·         Effectively use all safety and environmental tools employed by Seadrill (4-point check, OBS cards, PTW etc.)





·         High School Diploma or Equivalent

·         Minimum two years experience in the military, offshore drilling or heavy industrial environment

·         Formal Technical Certificate from a recognized body

·         Read and interpret electrical and mechanical drawings

·         Knowledgeable in digital and analog electronic systems


Mandatory Training/Certifications for personnel working in Canada only:

·         Basic Survival Training (BST)

·         Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)

·         Regulatory Awareness

·         Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)




Must pass Physical, Drug Screen and Background Check




Seadrill is an equal opportunity employer