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JOB TITLE:             Dynamic Positioning Operator


REPORTING TO:     Marine Section Leader


LOCATION:             Gulf of Mexico, Offshore


Broaden your horizons. Own the Opportunity.




Seadrill is one of the world’s most modern offshore deep-water drilling companies. Using ground-breaking technology we operate in 15 countries across five continents, employing some 5,000 people representing 65 nationalities.


Our vision is to Set the Standard in Drilling. It’s an ambitious goal. And every single one of us has a part to play. Help us to keep innovating, improving and maintaining the highest safety standards, and we’ll give you what you need to be your best too.





Responsible Navigator as per international maritime regulations and responsible for the safe positioning of the unit.





·       High School Diploma or Equivalent

·       Three years as Dynamic Positioning Operator on any DP2/3 vessel with preferred experience on a drilling vessel

·       STWC ll/1

·       DPO certificate

·       Valid Well Control Certificate (IWCF Level 2 – Introductory)


Mandatory Training/Certifications for personnel working in Canada only:

·       Basic Survival Training (BST)

·       Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)

·       Regulatory Awareness

·       Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

·       Stability and Ballast Control

·       Ballast Control Operator Certificate (Transport Canada)




Responsible for/ensure:

·       The uninterrupted manning of the dynamic positioning console.

·       That neither dynamic position console nor bridge is left unattended at any time.

·       All relevant governing documents are adhered to by direct reports.

·       That clear daily operational guidelines are provided to all direct reports.

·       Visible leadership by monitoring daily operations.

·       Required logbooks are maintained and updated as per requirements.

·       Thorough handovers are provided at each daily change of shift.

·       Active participation in meeting activities.

·       Subordinates are trained to fill higher positions.

·       Other duties are performed as required and/or directed by his/her direct supervisor.




Responsible for/ensure:

·       Compliance with the Seadrill Code of Conduct.

·       Compliance with applicable internal and external governing requirements.

·       That any operations do not exceed the limitations of the unit or its equipment

·       Daily detailed planning is conducted for all upcoming operations

·       That marine certification at all times is valid and available onboard.

·       Safe and efficient execution of marine operations as per procedures.

·       That all relevant personnel are adequately trained in handling emergencies.

·       That all emergency equipment is in good condition and configured as required.

·       Stability and ballast operations are conducted according to requirements.

·       Non-compliances are promptly acted on and reported to the direct supervisor.

·       All relevant governing documents are revised as and when required.

·       Training and competence assessments as assigned and/or required are performed.

·       Compliance with the standard for tidiness and cleanness.

·       Assume the safety role as per station bill and emergency preparedness plan.




Responsible for/ensure:

·       That the bridge equipment is maintained and maintenance is recorded.

·       Equipment is prepared for future marine operations.




·       Operate dynamic positioning (DP) equipment as per Company and vessel operating procedures

·       Operate the ballast control system to maintain the rig in a stable condition at the correct draft and trim as directed by the MSL

·       Set up operational parameters for the DP system and ensure system data is correct

·       Advise relevant personnel as per Well Specific Operating Guidelines (WSOG) of potential position loss

·       Referencing riser analysis create WSOG document for well planning. Ensure WSOG are followed while on location

·       Ensure that all defects and anomalies on any bridge equipment are reported to the OIM and relevant department heads. Maintain records of these and ensure that they are corrected

·       Monitor Vessel Management System (VMS) and fire / gas alarms. Take appropriate action

·       Ensure marine publications and navigational charts are up to date and maintained

·       Ensure GMDSS systems are functioning, routinely tested and log maintained

·       Ensure watch checklist, procedure checklist and bridge equipment checks are completed. Liaise with other departments, client, supply boats etc.

·       Responsible for monitoring and ensuring the safe transfer of fluids internally and between the rig and supply vessels

·       Ensure that approved rig operating procedures are adhered to at all times.  Report all unsafe activities, situations, and potential hazards to supervisor

·       Monitor and control supply boat operations and any other operations within the vessel five hundred metre zone including ROV operations

·       Ensure there is adequate rig power and reserves for maintenance, current and forthcoming operations

·       Competent in the use of data logger and extracting information from it

·       Assist technical department in performing preventive maintenance on DP equipment as per company procedures. Ensure the system’s performance is not degraded by this maintenance

·       Competent in all DP and VMS user settings and their affect on operations. Able to adjust user settings for changing conditions or operations

·       Actively participate in safety, departmental, pre-tour, client meetings, etc. 

·       Assist technical department in performing preventative maintenance of fire and gas detection equipment / systems in accordance with Company procedures

·       Responsible for coordinating the permit to work system

·       Conduct performance appraisals for subordinates. Recommend promotion, development or disciplinary action

·       Effectively use all safety and environmental tools employed by Seadrill (4-point check, OBS cards, PTW etc.)





Must pass Physical, Drug Screen and Background Check




Seadrill is an equal opportunity employer




Wherever you join us you’ll be part of a team that takes pride in maintaining their colleagues’ safety as well as their own, to ensure safe and successful operations. We employ the best in the industry, and we want to keep it that way. So if you want to keep developing your skills, we’ll give you every opportunity. We also offer a competitive reward package, with an attractive base salary and a range of benefits tailored to your location.


Join Seadrill. Own the Opportunity.



Seadrill is an Equal Opportunity Employer