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Materials Administrator

Administration and execution of spare parts and materials ordering and logistics.

Job Category: Operations (Offshore)
Location: Tenerife (Reactivation) - Rio De Janeiro (Operations)
Rig Type: Drillship
Rig Name: West Carina / West Jupiter 


Responsible for/ensure:

·       Compliance with the Seadrill Code of Conduct.

·       Compliance with applicable internal and external governing requirements.

·       Non-compliances are promptly acted on and reported to the direct supervisor.

·       The standard for tidiness and cleanness is adhered to.

·       Assume the safety role as per station bill and emergency preparedness plan.

·       Good and clear communications with all involved parties.

Participate in:

·       Meeting activities in a proactive and constructive manner.

·       Training and competence assessments as assigned and/or required.




Responsible for/ensure:

·       The systematization and tidiness of the spare parts store onboard.

·       Maintaining stipulated minimum and maximum materials levels.

·       Checking all received goods as per procedures.

·       Recording stock movements.

·       Assisting with preparation for future drilling operations.

·       Relevant governing documents are adhered to by direct reports.

·       That clear daily operational guidelines are provided to all direct reports.

·       Safe and efficient handling when receiving and sending goods and materials.

·       All applicable reports and logs as required by the supervisor are maintained.

·       Other duties are performed as and when required and/or directed by his/her direct supervisor.



·       Manage equipment preparation for future marine operations